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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Inner-Views of the Heart, Mind and Soul...

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful...

A few days ago, I was Blessed by Allah to complete my third reading of Minister Jabril Muhammad's recently published book, "Closing the Gap...".

Each time I read the book I realized that, as I was being Blessed with a deeper and deeper look into the Heart, Mind and Soul of the Hon. Louis Farrakhan, I was also being "forced" to take a closer and more honest look at MY OWN heart, mind and soul.

There were moments when what I read confirmed certain Ideas I had been entertaining for some time, and I was left with a feeling of deep comfort to know that my mind seemed to be in line with that of my Teacher and the Two Who Back him.

There were other moments, however, when what I read so convicted me of the reality of my own shortcomings and hypocrisy, that I knew if Allah didn't have the utmost of Mercy on me, I simply was out of luck with Him. Most times, such realization would bring me to tears, so strong was the feeling of "unworthiness".

I don't recall ever being so deeply affected by reading another Man's testimony. There were times when I wanted to jump for the joy of some new realization, and there were times when I felt so ashamed that all I could do, it seemed, was cry and beg Allah not to "throw me away". I simply wanted to run and hide in my shame...but one cannot hide from one's self.

As I thought about this profound effect on my being, I naturally wanted to understand "why" this was so.

Eventually, it came to me that when a Student Loves his Teacher, and wants to be "like" his Teacher, there is a constant reflection or measuring by the Student of the "distance" between where he is in his development and where his Teacher is. That is, if I really want to be like my Teacher, I am always checking the "distance" or the "difference" between my Teacher's Teaching and Example, and my own demonstration. The closer that I see I am to my Teacher's Example, the closer I feel to HIM, and thus the more secure I feel.

Likewise, the further I am from my Teacher's Teaching and Example, the further away I feel from HIM, and thus feel more INsecure.

Reading this wonderful book has not only Blessed me with added insight into "where" the Hon. Louis Farrakhan is, but it has increased my understanding of where "I" am in relationship to him.

What did I find?

I found that, although I realize that I need to "Close the Gap", I also realize that I cannot do it on my own. I cannot do it without Allah's Help...none of us can.

I found that there is so much more to the Honorable Louis Farrakhan than I, and many others, have understood; and that the "gap" between himself and myself was greater than I imagined. He is, indeed, a very special Human Being; and he appeals to the special-ness in each of us, to the degree that we watch and listen to him...but still, there is more to him than even that. He is a very specially made Man, for a very Special Purpose, in a very Special Time.

After reading this powerful work for the third time, one of the more prominent feelings I am left with reminds me of the sentiment of John the Baptist when he spoke of One Coming after him, whose shoes he felt unworthy to even unlace.

There should be no doubt, after reading this wonderful book, "Closing the Gap", that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a Divinely Inspired and Guided Man. If we do not see him as that, the fault is ours...not his.

I truly thank Allah for this Book, and for Those who contributed to its production; and I pray that Allah will "look beyond my faults, and see my need"; and that He will Help me to Close the Gap.